MANAROLA - the village
Manarola, together with Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia e Riomaggiore, make up the 5 Terre, which is the most beautiful and   famous part of Liguria's coast. The village is inhabited by ca. 450 people but in the period from March to October you can see thousand of tourist from all over the world. You can come to the village by train (certainly the best way), by car and by boat. Its main street is built on a small river called Groppo, which is the core of the village.

There are no cars in the village. The only mean of transport you may see are the National Park's small busses, which can take you to the parking place and to the 2 uphill villages (Groppo and Volastra).

Walking along the small river near the parking place, you will soon come to the church's square. Here you can see the oratory, the church and the bell tower in front of it. More detailed information can be found on the History page. Continuing our tour through the Carugiu (the typical ligurian narrow streets) you arrive to the historical, newly renovated Andrean mill wheel.
Walking few meters forth there is the Museum of Sciacchetrà, the local sweet wine. If you keep going, after a few minutes you'll arrive to the seaside. There are no beach in Manarola, but many rocks to dive from.

In the village there are two small slipways where people use to sunbathe. One of them is not used for slipping boats anymore and is close to the village. The other one is partially functioning can be reached walking a short path and is called Palaedo . But people can bathe everywhere in our blue sea. The coast is very steep and the sea becomes immediately very deep and therefore people can see marvellous fishes just a few meters from the shore only with a diving mask. The lowest part of the main street, right near the sea, is characterised by the typical 3 meter-long boats which are parked on the sides to avoid the rough seas. Over the path to Palaedo there is the Punta Bonfiglio park with a playground for children. From the park you can sit on a bench and admire a romantic sea sunset


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