Typical food - Filled mussels

Ingredients1kg of mussels, 1 egg, 100 grams of mortadella (pork sausage), inner part of a loaf,   a bunch of parsley, thymus, marjoram, garlic, 100 grams of grated parmesan cheese, 30 grams of grated sheep milk cheese, 1 onion, 300 grams of peeled tomatoes, half a glass of   white wine, salt and pepper, 4 spoons of oil.

Scrape, wash and open 2/3 of the mussels and lay them on a tilted plate to drain. Do the same with the other mussels and cook them in a saucepan over a low heat until they are open (4 minutes).Take the inner part of boiled mussels and mince them with the mortadella, the inner part of the loaf (soak it in some milk beforehand), garlic and aromatic herbs. Then put the egg, cheese, salt and pepper and mix it till it gets homogeneous. Put the filling into the mussels and close them. Heat the olive oil in a high pot and add the onions till it gets browner, then pour white wine and cook it over a low heat for 3 minutes. Add peeled tomatoes and cook it for five minutes over a higher heat. Move the pot away from the heat and put the filled mussels into it. Then put it again over the heat, add salt and pepper, put the lid and cook it for half an hour



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